Living room meetings: OPCI in de Engelstalige media!

Met onze succesvolle huiskamerbijeenkomsten zorgen we voor een primeur wereldwijd. De Newsletter van de Euro-CIU berichtte onlangs over dit fenomeen, en met bescheiden trots willen wij dit met u delen.

Euro-CIU is de Europese CI gebruikers-organisatie. Hieronder volgt de tekst uit haar Newsletter van maart 2017.

Living room meetings
Since March 2015 OPCI organises living room meetings for CI users and future CI users. There usually are 6 visitors, the host, a volunteer of OPCI and an interpreter. The meetings are very successful. During the past two years OPCI organised 30 meetings throughout the country.

There is no fixed programme. The people determine the questions and these are the subjects of the evening. Sometimes CI users tell each other about the possibilities of the CI and the connectivity and also they can tell potential CI users how it is to live with a CI.

The implantation centres in The Netherlands recommend  to potential CI users: visit a living room meeting of OPCI. So they are really satisfied about the meetings. A visitor once said: tonight I have had more answers than I have had questions at the beginning of the night.

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